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Laws, Statutes & Rules

Update to § 216B.2422, subd. 4


Laws of Minnesota is an annual compilation and is often referred to as the "session laws." It contains all the acts of the Legislature as passed in each year's legislative session. Laws of a permanent nature are subsequently incorporated into Minnesota Statutes; those are coded laws. Laws of Minnesota also includes uncoded laws, including appropriations, proposed constitutional amendments, local laws, and effective date sections.

Minnesota Statutes

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulates three cornerstone service industries in Minnesota's economy, i.e., electricity, natural gas and telephone. It is the Commission's responsibility to ensure that vendors of these services provide safe, adequate, and reliable service at fair, reasonable rates M.S. Chapters 216A, 216B, 216E, 216F, 216G and 237.

Chapter 216A. Public Utilities Regulators

  • 216A gives Commission authority to regulate public utilities.

Chapter 216B. Public Utilities

Chapter 216E. Electric Power Facility Permits

  • 216E describes the state's authority to locate large electric power facilities that coincide with environmental preservation and efficient use of resources.  216E also provides the Commission with the ability to issue permits for large electric power facilities based on an overall determination of need.

Chapter 216F. Wind Energy Conversion Systems

  • 216F provides the Public Utilities Commission with the authority to issue site permits for large wind energy conversion systems (systems over five megawatts).  Wind energy conversion systems less than five megawatts are subject to local jurisdiction.

Chapter 216G. Pipelines

  • 216G provides the Public Utilities Commission with the permitting and routing authority for the construction of pipelines with a diameter of six inches or more that are designed to transport hazardous liquids like crude petroleum and those that are designed to carry natural gas and be operated at a pressure of more than 275 pounds per square inch.

Chapter 237. Telephone, Telegraph, Telecommunications

  • 237 provides the Public Utilities Commission with the supervision over telephone and telecommunications companies doing business in the state of Minnesota. 

Minnesota Rules

The corresponding administrative rules are adopted by the Public Utilities Commission to make the law it enforces and/or administers more specific or to govern the agency's organization or procedures.

Chapter Title
4210 Large Energy Facilities [Repealed, 19 SR 116]
4220 Power Plants and Lines [Renumbered 7849]
4230 Gas Storage and Pipelines [Renumbered 7851]
4240 Large Oil and Fuel Storage Facilities [Repealed, L 1982 C 651 S 1]
4250 Oil; Lpg; Petroleum [Renumbered 7853]
4260 Coal Shipment and Storage [Repealed, L 1982 C 561 S 1]
7690 Energy Conservation Improvement
7810 Telephone Customer Service Rules
7811 Telecommunications; Small Local Providers
7812 Telecommunications; Large Local Providers
7813 Telephone Call-tracing Services
7815 Community Calling Plans [Repealed, L 1994 C 561 ART 1 S 13]
7817 Telephone Assistance Plans
7819 Public Rights-of-way Standards
7820 Gas and Electric Customer Service Rules
7825 Utilities; Financial, Regulatory Matters
7826 Electric Utility Standards
7827 Utility Rate Adjustments [Repealed, 26 SR 1438]
7829 Utility Proceeding, Practice, Procedure
7830 Practice and Procedure [Repealed, 19 SR 116]
7831 Utilities; Intervenor Compensation
7835 Cogeneration and Small Power Production
7836 Wind Siting [Renumbered 7854]
7840 Energy Conservation Improvement Appeals [Renumbered 7690]
7843 Utility Resource Planning Process
7845 Commission Conduct; Communication
7847 Large Energy Facilities [Repealed, 19 SR 116]
7848 Biennial Transmission Projects Reports
7849 Certificate of Need; Power Plant or Line
7850 Power Plant Sites and Transmission Line Routes
7851 Certificate of Need; Gas Storage; Pipeline
7852 Pipeline Routing
7853 Certificate of Need; Petroleum Facility
7854 Site Permit;Large Wind Energy System
7855 Large Energy Facilities