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Telecommunication Certification


All telecommunications carriers, telephone companies and service resellers must file an application with the Public Utilities Commission for a "certificate of authority" to do business in Minnesota. Initial applications must be accompanied by a $570 filing fee. All regulated telecommunications service providers pay an annual assessment based on gross state revenues.

Find out if you need a certificate of authority
Certificate of Authority Application
Tariff Filing Checklist
Common Filing Types and Filing Instructions
Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Authority and Reporting
Coin and Non - Coin Pay Phone Application

Applications are submitted electronically via eFiling. If you are not registered on eFiling, you must complete the eFiling registration before you can submit an Application for New Authority. Thereis no need to follow up with a paper copy of your application.

Questions on assessments? Please contact 651.539.1530 for more information.

Applicable Statute and Rules

Minnesota Statute 237 and Minnesota Rules 7810,7811,7812 and 7829.

Intercompany Responsibilities

New applicants may be interested in the steps and data flows involved when a company becomes integrated within the telecommunications industry. A document titled, Intercompany Responsibilities Within the Telecommunications Industry, developed by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions' (ATIS) sponsored Network Interconnection Interoperability Forum (NIIF), is a source telecommunications services providers can use to understand interconnection processes, data requirements, and data exchange processes among carriers related to network and routing resources. 


As a regulated telecommunications carrier, in addition to federal, state, and municipal taxes, you are required to assess and collect fees for 911, Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP), and Telecommunications Access Minnesota (TAM). For further information on these fees, visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website .