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Electric Utility Maps

February 28th Webinar
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In the mid-1970s all electric distribution utility companies operating in Minnesota were directed by Minnesota Statutes 216B.39, subd. 3 to file maps with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission identifying their Electric Utility Service Areas (EUSA). Subsequent service area modifications required Commission approval before the change was made. The Commission is currently updating all EUSA data under Docket No. E-999/CI-12-957 – In the Matter of Establishing Digital Service Area Maps Showing the Boundaries of the Assigned Service Area of Each Electric Utility in Minnesota.

All service area modifications must be eFiled for Commission approval.

Service area boundary modification requests must include:

  • A cover letter with the submitter’s full contact information, including where to provide electronic service;
  • a joint petition explaining the change;
  • a Settlement Agreement, if applicable;
  • a legal description of the property in question;
  • a digital (PDF, JPEG, TIFF) or paper map, with adequate information to locate service area change;
  • GIS data (shapefile with a defined projection) or contact MnGeo for other formats;
  • an indication of whether there are customers affected by this change;
  • proposed notice to affected customers including utility contact information;

To view an example of a formal petition previously filed with and approved by the Commission, search for Docket Nos. 12-860 or 12-465.

Service Area checklist

The Commission has developed a service area checklist for the utilities filing service area boundary modification requests. Please use this checklist for future requests to assist in the prompt processing of your filing. Any feedback on this checklist can be provided to Michelle Rebholz at 651-201-2206

ContactsConsumer Affairs Office, MN Public Utilities Commission, 651-296-0406, select option 1

Order to Update Service Area Maps
Notice on Updating Digital Service Area Map, Issued 4/11/2013
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